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Professional Welding

ABS Certified, On-site

D.W. Allen Marine Services, Inc. offers a wide array of welding services for all our customers' needs, across multiple industries! We offer a fully-equipped fleet of mobile welding trucks that come directly to your location. Our crews are available 24/7!


Your vessel, your site, our shop. We're maritime commercial vessel repair specialists. Now you can deploy skilled welders and save money by bringing the welding services directly to you. No need to haul your own equipment or tow in your work to our shop -- we offer COMPLETELY MOBILE WELDING. On time, top notch quality, and fast response around the clock.


Mig, Tig, and Stick Welding


Our detail-focused approach puts us ahead of the competition. We pride ourselves on amazing workmanship and a valuable working knowledge of the industry.


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