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D.W. Allen Marine Services, Inc.

D.W. Allen Marine Services, Inc. (DUNS: 153213715) started as a logistics support business in 1985 with just a few employees. Since then, the company has increased the number of support services available and has increased the number of employees to include a crew of ABS certified welders, a mechanic crew, and a fully staffed machine shop.


We know how to GET IT DONE! Now a Woman Owned Small Business, our culture, values, customer service, and operating methods remain as they have been since 1985. These are the cornerstones of our success-our commitment to customer service has never wavered and we pride ourselves on our responsiveness. Emergency or otherwise, we will be there to support our Customer’s needs-on the SHIP, on the SHORE, in the SHOP.


You can expect high quality of work completed on time to your specifications.


Our founder, Dan Allen, started D.W. Allen Marine Services, Inc. after serving his country in the US Navy, then settling in Jacksonville. Some of the original employees are still with the company. These original employees and other D.W. Allen employees offer decades of experience and expertise in their respective fields. We are experts at maritime commercial vessel repair, cell guide fabrication, repair and installation and Pullman repair. We offer services in many other areas for multiple Industries-just ask us how we can solve your problem or support your Business.

D.W. Allen
Our Founder

Daniel Allen, Founder


Dan Allen, originally from Houston, Texas, relocated to Jacksonville, Florida after serving in the Navy. Dan then grew the business in the city he loved and called home.  Originally a mechanic by trade, Dan worked countless hours both on the dock and in the Office to build a successful business that survives him today. Our shop is 15,000 square feet with capability to fabricate almost anything including cell guides, platforms, tank ladders, and handrail, provide full machine shop services including heat exchanger, cooler and condenser repair, provide Pullman and other Industrial repair services, and support our field crews.

Dan instilled in his employees three simple mantras; hard work, get the job done right, and take care of the customer. Our culture is one of customer service, dedication, loyalty, team work, and old fashioned pride in a job well done. Our crews work 24/7 to fill our customers' needs.

Our values are whatever it takes to GET IT DONE and satisfy our customers.

We complete service on time, with absolutely the best quality. We support multiple Industries in any and all capacities, on the SHIP, on the SHORE, in the SHOP-our site or yours. Our dedicated and loyal team members take old fashioned pride a job well done that satisfies our customers.